~ La Palma ~


La Isla Bonita, so they call it, the most beautiful of all the Canary Islands. With and area of 706 km2 and a 2,423m high it is also the steepest island in the World. La Palma possesses unique environmental features which makes it a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. More than one third of its surface area is protected land, the highlight of which is the Caldera de Taburiente National Park. Its landscape is the result of a dramatic formation process that took millions of years, and houses a multitude of microclimates and surprisingly contrasting vegetation. Its night sky is one of the clearest in the World and the Island houses one of the biggest observatories in the World..

~ Argual ~

Stella Atlántico is located on the rim of Caldera de Taburiente in the old village of Argual. It is 15min. walk from the city centre of Los Llanos. Go and enjoy a Cortado or a cold beer and some tapas under the laurel trees in Plaza España. On Sunday you can shop your fresh fruits and vegetables at the local Farmers market in Los Llanos or hang out with the hippies at the Argual market in the old Argual village square by the Aqueduct.

Stella Atlántico is located right on a hiking path. It leads you to the beach and Puerto de Tazacorte in 30min. by foot, and connects you to multiple walking routes. La Palma is a perfect hiking destination with its highly varied nature and spectacular views. Simply tie your boots and walk out the door.

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~ Climate ~

The weather in la Palma is warm all year round. There are many different climate zones and it varies greatly around the island. When we looked for a house in la Palma we were very specific with the location we wanted. Stella Atlántico is located in a zone similar to Tazacorte which is considered the best climate on the island and the place with most hours of sun in the whole of Europe. In addition to that you have the breeze from the Caldera in the summertime keeping it cool and fresh.

~ Getting there ~