~ The Story ~

Hello, my name is Kirsten. I am a Danish Architect and owner of the furniture brand OK Design. For many years I spent every winter in la Palma with my husband and our two boys. We loved it so much and in the end we decided to live there for a year. While living there we stumbled upon an amazing house. It had been for sale for a while and it looked very abandoned but it’s potential was unmistakable. It had a perfect location directly on a hiking path, close to the city and yet in a quiet zone. It had the best view on the Island and a great warm climate with the breeze from the Caldera in the Summer time. Despite its neglected condition, the tiles, the floors, and the spaces were beautiful. So we bought the house, renovated it with respect for its original style and history and mixed old furniture with our own OK Design pieces and in the end we named it:

Stella Atlàntico


Manuel Leon Plata

The Villa used to belong to Manuel Leon Plata, an engineer who built several significant buildings in la Palma. In 1961 he extents the house with a first and second floor and on the very top pf the house he places a giant antenna which he uses to communicate with the whole World. Manuel Leon Plata was a passionate Radioaficionado. In the basement was his control room packed with old radio equipment. He communicated with Radioaficionados all over the World and in return they sent each other postcard greetings. You can find them framed around the house. People in the area tells us how he would interrupt their television signals at night.