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La Palma is a perfect hiking destination with its highly varied nature and steepness you are guaranteed spectacular views where ever you go. In your case you don’t even need to take a bus or a car to reach a starting destination: Simply tie your boots and walk out the door.

There is a hiking path passing Stella Atlántico below. The path is marked with a red and white stripe. It either leads you to the beach and Puerto de Tazacorte in 30min. or you can take the 2-3 hour walk, up to El Time and take the steep and spectacular descend down to Puerto de Tazacorte. Finish it off with a swim and lunch and then take the bus up to the Villa or, if you have the energy, walk up again.

This is what you do: Follow the red and white marks going down. You will cross the road 3 times. The last time you walk 50m. along the road. When you reach the steel bridge going over the Barranco de las Angustias, you cross the road and follow the marks and signs up wards towards el Time. When you reach el Time you simply follow the sign guiding you to Puerto de Tazacorte or you ask in the bar. From Stella Atlántico you can actually see the zig zag route on the mountainside. You can find several routes online that will help you guide you on your walk:

~ Our favorite Fiestas ~


One thing is sure: The Palmeros really knows how to party. Every village, every town has its own Fiesta and in addition to that there are big events like the Carnival and the Bajada de La Virgen, which happens every 5 years since 1680.

We find it really hard to get exact information about when and where these events take place but since there are so many you might accidentally bump into one of them. The biggest annual event and our favorite is the Carnival in Santa Cruz: Los Indianos. It takes place sometimes mid Feb. the exact date changes every year so check online. Everybody and this means everybody, you included, is dressed in white, which makes it one of the most beautiful and tasteful Carnivals you ever attended. People dress elegantly in colonial style costumes, throw white powder at each other and dances to Salsa music.

The wonderful tradition derives from the close contact la Palma has to Cuba and South America. Many Palmeros migrated to Cuba. The Carnival marks and mocks their return: All dressed up in fancy, white suits, with suitcases full off dollar bills, showing off and maybe even bringing a black maid: El Negro Tomás. Usually a big man dressed up and black faced as a woman. “Me Too” did not arrive to la Palma.

By the way, Ash Wednesday is not the end of the Canival. There is another amazing and bizar fiesta which also includes men dressing up in women’s clothing’s: La Fiesta de la Sardina. Sardines of textile and paper are burned for weeks around the islands. And only when the last fish has fallen to ashes the Carnival ends. We once had an amazing Fiesta de la Sardina in Puerto de Tazacorte but supposedly the biggest Fiesta de la Sardina takes place in San Andrés y Sauces.

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