~ Our Favorite Places ~


One of my favourite trips is going to Fuencaliente. I love the, not too curvy, drive on the mountain side covered with Canarian Pine trees. As you reach Fuencaliente, also Called los Canarios, you take the road down towards the Faro de Fuencaliente passing Las Indias. Along the coast there are several natural pools. One of my favourites is in Punta Larga. The large, flat, rock area is full of small pools. The kids can spend hours looking for small fish, crabs and mussels or jump in the Ocean from the latter when the sea is calm. When you get hungry you climb up the stairs to the restaurant: El Cenachero and order their Aroz Caldoso: a kind of liquid seafood Paella. Don’t forget to order a couple of starters because it takes a while to prepare. For two people you have enough for 4. On your way back you can pass: Faro de Fuencaliente and see the beautiful saltpans in Salinas de Fuencaliente.


Santa Cruz, the capital of la Palma is certainly worth a visit. This vertical city with the shimmering ocean as a back drop was once one of the most important ports in the Spanish empire, linking Europe and the New World. Exporting goods from the island made the city highly prosperous. The beautiful facades and town squares are a testament to that golden era.



Jacob loves to be on the water and catch big fish. From Puerto de Tazacorte you can book a trip with Walther. He speaks German and English. Call him to arrange price and time: 0034 644 54 72 57 Walther will take you out on his Catamaran boat. If you aren’t lucky enough to catch the big fish he will do his outmost for you to see whales or dolphins.


One of Jacobs favorite places is Los Llanos. He will walk from his house, stroll around town and have a Cortado or a cold beer at Plaza España under the Laurel trees.

Playa de la Veta, 38780, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Playa Veta is not easily accessible but in my view it is worth the struggle. Don’t go if you are afraid of narrow, downhill driving. You park your car at the parking lot and continue by foot. It takes about 15min of mind blowing walk to reach the beach. Make sure to wear some proper walking shoes and bring food and water as there are no shop around.


Calle la Cuesta, 28, 30, 38710 La Cuesta, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Ole loves the vertical zoo: Maroparque, partly suspended and built on a slope in Breña Alta. No spectacular animals but birds, monkeys, snakes and much more. Some living freely so you are able to meet them at very close hand.

38780 Tijarafe, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Ole is not afraid of narrow, downhill, mountain driving, so he highly recommends a visit to Poris Candelaria in Tijarafe also known as the Pirate bay. A truly a special place. Legend has it that pirates and smugglers used to live here. Today local people use it as a summer residence. If you don’t like downhill driving there is also the possibility of passing the cave by boat. Take one of the dolphin/whale watching trips leaving from Puerto de Tazacorte and watch the cave from the sea.


Camino el Melonar, 15, 38729 Charco Azul, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Charco Azul is by far Anders’ favourite place on the Island. Located in the beautiful San Andrés y Sauces it is also a much favorited place for the parents. Jump in the natural pools and lye on the rocks. Have lunch in the café or in the restaurant located above. You can also take the walk along the water to the old village of San Andrés with its earliest port and the old lime kiln. Charco Azul is closed during the Winter. Check weather conditions and opening hours before you go.

Calle Los Tilos, 38729, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Charco Azul is quite a drive so when you are there you might also visit Anders’ second favourite place: The rainforest in Los Tilos. It’s a magical place. Walk along the water canals and you will reach the waterfall. There are also several hikes or walks in the area

~ Our favorite food and drinks ~

Calle Velázquez, 6, 38760 Argual

Only 5 min. walk from home you have the most popular bar in the neighbourhood. Simple but tasty selection of Tapas.

Calle Enrique Mederos Lorenzo, 94, 38760 Los Llanos

This is where the locals go in their lunch break. It is only open for lunch. Get in line and order your food at the counter
to stay or to go. You can combine your plate exactly as you desire and you pay by weight.

Av. Tanausú, 29, 38768 Los Llanos

Sit inside a giant wine barrel and have their grilled chicken or Garbanzos (chickpeas). The owner is Venezuelan and she knows how to grill meat. If you are not loving meat the Chickpeas are highly reccomended although they are not vegetarian.

El Llano de, Calle San Antonio, 4, 38768 Argual

This is the fancy place and they serve excellent wines. Located in the lovely, old village of Argual, you will dine and be


La Explanada, s/n, 38779 Puerto de Tazacorte

We have dined in Puerto de Tazacorte millions of times and we came to the conclusion that Teneguía is the best place
to have fish and seafood. You start with a swim and then you order: “Menu del dia. It consists of a large chunk of fried
fish, Papas Arrugadas con mojo, salad, a glass of wine, and a coffee. All for €10 and you are left completely satisfied.

Paseo de los Beatos Mártires de Tazacorte, 1, 38779 Puerto

Full on Latino vibes in the Puerto. Our friend Tina rules this local place with determination and love. Keeping things
in control when a fisherman had a beer to many. Have a coffee or a beer and try her tasty tapas.

Av de la Constitución, 19, 38770 Tazacorte

Pueblo de Tazacorte is a pretty little town. Take a walk around the old narrow streets and then take a seat at the terrace square overlooking the banana plantations and the ocean. Pizzería Café Venezia is a perfect spot, especially at sunset, the pizzas are excellent and made by Italians.

Camino las Hoyas, 3, 38779 Tazacorte

You sit at a giant terrace overlooking the ocean. You must order the Pulpo con hinojo (Octopus with fennel) Their mixed salad is also reccomended.

La Costa Cerca Vieja, 4, 38749 Fuencaliente de la Palma

As previously mentioned, a “Favorite” is taking a trip to Fuencaliente and stop by El Cenachero for the: Arroz Caldozo.
It takes at least half an hour to prepare it so you will have plenty of time for a swim. Jump in the water from the latter
on the rock or use the natural pools below the caravan houses if the tide is right.

Calle Álamos, 51, 38700 Santa Cruz de la Palma

This is a great destination for a day trip to the other side of the Island.
Located above Santa Cruz, you sit in the garden with the wine climbing above your head. On clear days you can see
Teide and la Gomera. The food is very traditional, you eat grilled meat, with Gofio (traditional cereal served in many
ways, in this case a kind of dry gruel- it tastes better than it sounds) Papas Arrugadas and salad.you can take the road down towards Santa Cruz and you will pass Los Braseros for a well-deserved pit stop. A great daytrip is to take the long drive to Roque de los Muchachos and when going down take the road towards Santa Cruz. Then you pass Los Braseros for a well-deserved pit stop.

Avenida Doctor Fleming.
Sundays from 8 am to 2 pm

very Sunday the local farmers come to town to sell their fruits, vegetables and herbs. Everything is fresh and cheap
and you will have your dinner covered for the rest of the week.

Cno. el Pinar, 56A, 38789 Puntagorda, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Saturday from 3 pm until 7 pm and Sunday from 11 am until 15 pm.

The farmers in the north of La Palma have their own weekly market. The farmers offer all, starting with organically
grown fruits and vegetables over cheese, wine, bread or Mojos up to pastries or sweets from their own production.
Meat and fish are also available. The restaurant next to the market serves simple, traditional food with their own
wine. Sit in the garden and have a plate of delicious beans or grilled meet.

Ctra. Puerto Naos A, 189, 38769, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

If you missed the Sunday market in Los Llanos you can buy your fruits and vegetables daily at the Palmafrut outlet: A
big ware house full of local as well as imported fruits and vegetables.


On La Palma everybody drinks local wine and mostly red. There are many local producers and the price level varies from €5 -15 a bottle.

The wines on la Palma have the characteristic note of magma from the volcanic soil.
The Palmeros have a small glass or two at lunch time followed by a well-deserved Siesta. The wine is usually served
cold in a simple glass. It is refreshing and light, perfect in a warm climate and great with almost all food. The sulphur
nose is often notable in the wines with medium acidity and light charcoal notes. Sometimes the wine can be slightly
fizzy after opening but it disappears after 5-10 minutes. The best way to drink it is accompanied by figs and fresh goat
cheese. As the Palmeros say: “Higos y queso save a beso”.

Wines in this category comes from the following producers:

If you prefer a more refined, classic wine closer to the wines from the mainland, you should try: VEGA NORTE

~ Our favorite hikes ~


La Palma is a perfect hiking destination with its highly varied nature and steepness you are guaranteed spectacular views where ever you go. In your case you don’t even need to take a bus or a car to reach a starting destination: Simply tie your boots and walk out the door.

There is a hiking path passing Stella Atlántico below. The path is marked with a red and white stripe. It either leads you to the beach and Puerto de Tazacorte in 30min. or you can take the 2-3 hour walk, up to El Time and take the steep and spectacular descend down to Puerto de Tazacorte. Finish it off with a swim and lunch and then take the bus up to the Villa or, if you have the energy, walk up again.

This is what you do: Follow the red and white marks going down. You will cross the road 3 times. The last time you walk 50m. along the road. When you reach the steel bridge going over the Barranco de las Angustias, you cross the road and follow the marks and signs up wards towards el Time. When you reach el Time you simply follow the sign guiding you to Puerto de Tazacorte or you ask in the bar. From Stella Atlántico you can actually see the zig zag route on the mountainside. You can find several routes online that will help you guide you on your walk:

~ Our favorite Fiestas ~


One thing is sure: The Palmeros really knows how to party. Every village, every town has its own Fiesta and in addition to that there are big events like the Carnival and the Bajada de La Virgen, which happens every 5 years since 1680.

We find it really hard to get exact information about when and where these events take place but since there are so many you might accidentally bump into one of them. The biggest annual event and our favorite is the Carnival in Santa Cruz: Los Indianos. It takes place sometimes mid Feb. the exact date changes every year so check online. Everybody and this means everybody, you included, is dressed in white, which makes it one of the most beautiful and tasteful Carnivals you ever attended. People dress elegantly in colonial style costumes, throw white powder at each other and dances to Salsa music.

The wonderful tradition derives from the close contact la Palma has to Cuba and South America. Many Palmeros migrated to Cuba. The Carnival marks and mocks their return: All dressed up in fancy, white suits, with suitcases full off dollar bills, showing off and maybe even bringing a black maid: El Negro Tomás. Usually a big man dressed up and black faced as a woman. “Me Too” did not arrive to la Palma.

By the way, Ash Wednesday is not the end of the Canival. There is another amazing and bizar fiesta which also includes men dressing up in women’s clothing’s: La Fiesta de la Sardina. Sardines of textile and paper are burned for weeks around the islands. And only when the last fish has fallen to ashes the Carnival ends. We once had an amazing Fiesta de la Sardina in Puerto de Tazacorte but supposedly the biggest Fiesta de la Sardina takes place in San Andrés y Sauces.

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